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PC: A Sailormoon RPG is finally opening!


67 pages, 454 revisions, and 4,601 minutes later, the Proelium Cantus Sailormoon RPG is almost done! :] I really hope you guys like it, this is my brainchild. XD I will probably finish the site + forums in another week and open it up 2~3 days afterwards.

Think about it. Music genres + In-depth storyline + Sailormoon = teh most original evar. I hope you guys are still interested in joining, it'll be one of the sweetest BSSM rpgs of the century. BD I am very, very proud of it which is surprising because I am usually never happy with my work. So, you know it has to be good. *prod prod*

Thank you so much for your patience and the community will be undergoing a snazzy new layout to match the site and forums as well. I hope all of you will still join! :)

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