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Proelium Cantus

A Sailor Moon-based RPG.

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What Happened
The Past

Hundreds of years ago, there remained a time of peace universally, from the Moon Kingdom to a little planet called Lyrica, filled with shrines dedicated to all the various arts found throughout the Milky Way, even on Earth, and a sky always shown as a star-filled evening. Lyrica was far away from Earth, but still remained important to this epoch of bliss because it provided most of the leisure for the rest of the galaxy—from poetry to genres of music, even Queen Serenity made frequent visits to Lyrica, to be enchanted by the people and what they had to offer in amounts of creativity.

Most of the citizens of Lyrica were considered strange, besides their incredulous talent for the arts and entertainment world. They’d keep to their glass dwellings and produce more and more ideas to inspire those who came to their country. It was told some had starseeds of a senshi and if any chaos would come, they’d train these citizens with the starseeds almost immediately. Each person was bright and beautiful, bold and strong, both physically mentally, and of course—creative. They were the essence of aesthetic beauty in every way possible.

But, immediately wasn’t exactly immediate—as Euterpe and her younger sister, Calliope were born, they were told they would share rule over this prosperous planet by their dying mother, Mnemosyne, once she had deceased. The two girls, with tresses spun into odangos much like their Queen Serenity, watched their mother come to her last breath at her deathbed, in the center of Lyrica, they both wept for days but continued on with their main focus, music.

Euterpe kept to her golden lyre and produced perfected music of what her citizens had created, Calliope’s mind was elsewhere; What if she could sculpt a type of music, so fresh and new that nobody would have heard of it? With her supporters, each created a genre of its own by working for years on it, such as what we know today as “glam rock” and “techno”.

Of course, like any sibling rivalry, Euterpe became jealous then upset—Music must be appreciated for being classical, and it is not good to tamper and ponder on new hues on the palette of music.

Each day as her eyes turned to black slits and a sneer formed on her face, she planned the demise of her youthful sister and her supporters. After all, it’d give her full power upon Lyrica, right?

Euterpe gathered her own supporters of her sweet, sometimes simple music style and spoke of Calliope and the possibilities of her ruining the beauty of Lyrica with her rambunctious tunes.

“Calliope should be destroyed,” Euterpe alluded and ran her fingers over her golden instrument, “She’s a parasite who needs a host—we’re her host but we can stop her, and those followers of her, before Lyrica comes to an end of the Silver Millenium.”

Citizens nodded and the night after, Calliope and her supporters were found drowned in the pools of Lyrica’s palace; such a typical way of a Lyrican to murder one. Celebrations came, as the parasite and her companions were gone, their starseeds of being a senshi weren’t strong enough to allow them to henshin. Hours later, Euterpe took the jeweled tiara of her mother and the throne of Lyrica. Things were restored back to the way they were before Calliope developed such music and people forgot about those with starseeds and the young princess. Everything seemed to be flawless again, perfect harmony, no conflictions.

The worst has yet to happen to the Lyrican people and their planet; they will later learn of the uprising of the obsessive, conceited Euterpe and her ideas of turning the planet into a music-only place, no sculpting, painting, poetry—nothing.
As the followers of Calliope were forgotten in the hot springs of Lyrica, their starseeds remain, only to find themselves lingering in the bodies of teenagers many, many years later on a planet so foreign to Lyrica; Earth. And Calliope, well, she was anything but ancient history herself..


The Present

In the summer of the year 2003, teenagers from all over Earth will learn of their senshi starseeds and fate. They will come and live at one of the most popular music capitols of the world while making up excuses as to why to go to their family; New York, New York and they will be divided as the "soprano", "mezzo", and "alto" senshi. New York City: mother of the endless traffic, hotdog stands, whiny old grandmothers, lingering subways, 9/11, and towers going beyond the cerulean sky above. Nobody knows of the opposing senshi, their guardians, and henchmen yet, but news reporters catch a few glimpses as time goes on, they want more on these teenagers clad in what seems to be Japanese schoolgirl uniforms and capes. Here in NYC, they will be forced to battle each other and other enemies, for Calliope and Euterpe, and Lyrica. And even their home planet; Earth. As once a senshi perishes and her starseed is destroyed, their genre is forgotten…forever. Who will dominate Earth with their music? Classical or new age? Rock or pop? Nobody is certain at this point, not even the senshi themselves.

The Senshi
Senshi Teams
· Alto: The senshi team representing music that supposedly is tied with obsession, lust, and passion, perhaps even wild, rowdy music played at parties. The lyrics in these songs might be filled with angst or fervor for something.
· Mezzo: The senshi team representing music that isn’t thought of as being in any way related to the Soprano or Alto descriptions. Most of the time, their music is not as popular and often forgotten.
· Soprano: The senshi team representing peaceful/old/soft music. Music from the 1600s even, can be found in this category or any music with songs that generally have a sweet, soft sound and optimistic lyrics.

*Any senshi can be a male, just specify that you are applying for a male, not a female. So instead of Sailor Disco, it'd be Guardian of Disco, if male.

Fukus are mostly up to you, but must have some sort of fashion statement dealing with their music genre—each has their own unique “uniform”.

The only requirements are to have their main color on their fuku somewhere and a majority of these items(At least 4/6 of these requirements):

Sailor flap: This is the flap on the Japanese schoolgirl outfit that surrounds the collar. It can be made of anything and have any color or design on it.

Skirt: This does not have to be a skirt or have any particular length. For all we know, they could have pants or wear a dress. Like the sailor flap, it can have any design/color/material.

Choker or other necklace: Some sort of necklace in any style, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your standard Sailor Moon-esque choker.

Tiara: The tiara can be any kind of head covering or hair accessory, the style is up to you.

Shoes: Any style shoes, they can be pointed stilettos, boots, or sandals, they don’t necessarily have to be typical shoes.

Bow: The bow can be anywhere on the fuku and you can have as many bows as you want, any design/style is fine.

It’s all up to you with the guardian uniform, but a mask of some sort is required(You choose style/color) and their main color must be somewhere on his attire.

Weapons are allowed, as long as they have some sort of relevance to their genre.

The Cast

Sailor Alternative Rock
Sailor Breakbeat (jungle)
Sailor Disco
Sailor Electronica
Sailor Glam Rock
Sailor Goth Metal
Sailor Happy Hardcore
Sailor Heavy Metal
Sailor Hip Hop
Sailor Rap
Sailor Ska Punk
Sailor Trance

Sailor Motown
Sailor Reggae
Sailor Salsa
Sailor Surf Rock

Sailor Acid Jazz
Sailor Blues
Sailor Classical
Sailor Country
Sailor Gospel
Sailor Indie
Sailor J-Pop
Sailor Musical
Sailor New Age
Sailor Oldies
Sailor Pop
Sailor Ragtime

**If a senshi has two stars by his or her name, that means they are taken.

New York City(Manhattan)

Photo taken by R.S. Guskind.
The city that never sleeps.
New York City is a place of hustle-and-bustle, shopping, subways, barking dogs, and greedy antique store clerks, with pretzel stands on the corner of each street. All the trees are girded with iron fences and fresh lilac and people work as sweepers for a living; sweeping the streets day and night to keep the place pretty for tourists and those who reside there. You can always spot a bus roaming the overcrowded streets or someone looking for a taxi, as the streets are lined with the yellow cabs as well. New York, New York is overall a location with a spectrum of people; diversity is New York's middle name.

There are numerous schools to attend in NYC, you can get to them by subway, taxi, bus, or car. And if the streets aren't too crowded--you can walk.

Park West High School(9-12): A public school that is two stories and made of brick, surrounded by oak trees. This school is deeply involved with getting to know the students personally and thrive on pushing each student into public speaking as well as getting involved with their academics. All classes and types of teenagers go here and no dress code is implied. Senshi who attend: None at this time.

Landmark High School(9-12): Another public school located just south of Park West High School, most students are upper-middle to upper class. Landmark is focused on the athletic abilities of their students and constantly have a rivalry with Park West for the best teams in various sports offered. Much like any typical public school, no dress code is forced here. Senshi who attend: None at this time.

Lincoln Academy(6-12): A private boarding school ranging from middle school to high school. Students are required during classes to wear for females, a navy blue, pleated skirt with a nice blouse and for males, navy blue or khaki pants with a neat shirt. It's a very prestigious academy where students usually find themselves trapped in their dorms studying and doing homework day and night, rarely spending the night roaming the city. Senshi who attend: None at this time.

East Side Middle School(6-8): Considered one of the best middle schools in all Manhattan, this public school focuses on arts and entertainment as well as the sciences. There are a lot of extramural sports that go on, as well, but faculty rather focus on theatre than athletics. No dress code is required here. Senshi who attend: None at this time.

Greenwich Village Elementary(K-5): Known for their extensive playground and hands-on teaching, Greenwich Village Elementary is the public school most children want to attend. Parents always flock the school, wanting to help with the activities that take place and get involved with their youth's academic life. Greenwich has a great balance of theatre, sports, math, and science and has a special program to help develop the talents of the children who attend. No dress code. Senshi who attend: None at this time.

As these teenagers are brought in from all over the world, they are given a place of their choice to reside with the help of a guardian. As this is NYC, only apartments are available, no townhouses/mansions/etc. They may be little homes located under or above shops or just a typical apartment home with 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.